Leather & Lace Hunt 3

Start Location

Please click the store name for the landmark

Hint:Hang your coat up and stay a while....

Store: StoraxTree

Hint:Look near hunt poster

Hint:Look near hunt poster

Hint:Kendra's laces must be tied!

Store: Ari-Pari

Hint:When you wish upon a star... you find bunnies!

Hint: im a diva

Store: Sour Pickles



Store: Sassy Brats

Hint: Bad Kitty, Bad!

Store: ~MystRie~

Hint: Ever dabble in Watercolors?

Hint: Searching the Wedding & Party Shop

Store: Waffles

Hint: Female: Jim is watching over this item

Hint: Male: Have a seat with this kitty and look at your feet.

Hint: It is torture being up here

Hint: Have you seen whats New

Store: Grumble

Hint: I am so GOTH!

Store: OMG! Inc.

Hint: Take a seat and relax

Hint: The Mirror never lies

Hint: I'm a feared viking

Hint: Look for the red packet

Store: Lush

Hint: I own you

Store: Epicine

 Hint: This is not a dirty slut house!

Hint: this is enchanted

Hint: Hiding in plain sight watching the doorway

Store: Prairie

Hint: Hanging out with the dust bunnies

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