Holiday Feast Hunt 5

~WW~ Ivonne White-Pink.jpg

                     Wiccan Wears

Hint: Love me a Cardigan!

MystRie Female.png
MystRie Male.png


Hint: F - Well I'm stumped
        M - Matching T Shirts



Hint: Look near hunt poster

Lindy Shoes.png

             Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

Hint: An Apple a day helps the feast, they say!

Loordes of London.png

                   Loordes of London

Hint: Look near hunt poster


       Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop

Hint: Tree Stump to clear cache

Ari-Pari Hazel Outfit.png


Hint: Mmmm... coffee!



Hint: Shoes, I was looking for a feast!

The Sissy Bar.png

                     The Sissy Bar

Hint: After searching for a suitable party venue we came to rest beneath a palm

The Artist shed.png

                     The Artist Shed

Hint: It's starting to get cold outside, better grab a sweater...

Splintered Creations.png

                     Splintered Creations

Hint: We are the world.

SLW Designs.png

                     SLW Design

Hint: Hiding between beautiful flowers - that's where I feel thankful for.


                     Dalrymple Designs

Hint: You'll need to go here to TOP OFF your gift list!

Timeless Texture.png

                     Timeless Textures

Hint: I'm going to need some more WOOL yarn to KNIT a cozy blanket for winter.

No Photo.png

                     All by Micelf

Hint: This place has such a great view, I had to take advantage of it.



Hint: Jax, Do you think these flowers are pretty?

Starshine Designs.png

                     ~*Starshine Design*~

Hint: You can findme on the shelf near the reception

Off the Wall.png

                     Off the Wall

Hint: Oh give me a home where the deer and the dragons play?