Hop Along Hunt 4

          Wiccan Wears

Hint: Spread your Wings and Fly

    Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

Hint: A Faina for hoppin' I've never seen!


Hint: F - Smell the flowers... 
M - I should hire some window washers...


Hint: look near hunt poster

         Loordes of London

Hint: look near hunt poster

  Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop 

Hint: Happy Easter basket & Bunny


Hint: Somewhere BEHIND the rainbow...sings off-key


Hint: Find where the waterfalls underneath vines of ivy.

    Myth, Mystery & Magic

Hint: Did someone lose an egg by the Steal of the Week?

           Sour Pickles

Hint: Check the hint giver

         Sadie's Design

Hint: I don't match this Deer and Roses

         Nefeli's Gestures

Hint: Don't bite me please!

       Ironside Art Gallery

Hint: I Love You


Hint: Coffee first...


Hint: Nice Formal Evening Gown

    The Sissy Bar

Hint: I would eat this if it would quit rolling away


Hint: I don't know why Bunnies have a thing for baskets, Do you?

    7 Deadly s[K]ins 

Hint: To plant trees is to give body and life to one's dreams of a better world.


Hint: Up or Down?

       Splintered Creations

Hint: Cowboys need these for riding off into the sunset. 

      Stained Glass Emporium

Hint: As bunnies hop, its like a dance.  Find an eggstrodinary dancer in the store.


Hint: Check out the information area


Hint: Easter celebrations

      ~*Starshine Design*~

Hint: I've hide near a suspended soul


Hint: Sometimes it can move you.

          Sassy Brats

Hint: Is she wearing rockabilly?  (clothing)


Hint: Such pretty flowers

        Arbor Sands

Hint: Look for me by the surfboard where you can get a refreshing drink


Hint: woman - golden pilar
men - 25 easter

          OMG! Inc.

Hint: Trippy man!


Hint: Give Dina a double-take. 

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