Summer Lovin Hunt 5

~WW~ Sandy Romper - Mermaid.jpg

                                                    Wiccan Wears

Hint: Whats Next?


                                          Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

Hint: Summertime! and Sophina is easy!

Loordes of London.png

                                                  Loordes of London

Hint: Look near hunt poster



Hint: Look near hunt poster


                                   Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop

Hint: Floating Paper Boat

Mystrie - Female.png
Mystrie - Male.png
Mystrie - Unisex.png


Hint: F - Look for the lady holding the bird

M - Summer's a great time for a Garden Party

U - Maybe one of the cats knows...


                                              Myth, Mystery & Magic

Hint: Oh No, I think someone lost their beach ball in front of the Witches Brew Coffee House!

Ari-Pari Sea Turtle Bikini - SLH5.png


Hint: You'll find me near a hanging jade... not the gem!


Hint: Turn it up!

Rea - Female.jpg
Rea - Male.jpg


Hint: Mens-Drew Who shoe?

Womens-Is that clock right?

Rack - Womens.png
Rack - Male.png


Hint: Female: Gatcha set for summer

Male: This may be a scary summer

Splintered Creations.png

                                                  Splintered Creations

Hint: Near the tulips.



Hint: this dummy is in summer style

Stained Glass Emporium.png

                                             Stained Glass Emporium

Hint: I hope playing with beach balls is your cup of tea



Hint: Are there any biscuits in this tin?


                                                  Sycamore Decor
Hint: Did you see the new releases? The come in colors perfect for spring and summer!

Timeless Textures.png

                                                  Timeless Textures

Hint: What's NEW pussycat?

The Sissy Bar.png

                                                    The Sissy Bar

Hint: "Choosing a tune to kick off my shoes and dance"



Hint: Better wash up!

StarShine Designs.png

                                                ~*Starshine Design*~

Hint: You can find me on the shelf near the reception

Sassy Brats.png

                                                    Sassy Brats

Hint: Do you think he is the king of Halloween?